The mama brand MYRIAD was originally founded by Myriam Choueiri, back in 2006. MYRIAD is the syntheses of a deep passion for Architecture, a strong appreciation for textures and elements, a fascination for the intersection of nature and design, and a great admiration for the cosmos.

The name “MYRIAD” refers to the countless stars in the universe. It evokes the great unknown, and the Beauty in the serenity of the Beyond. MYRIAD encapsulates the functioning of the universe; it represents the infinite and untold possibilities present in moments of creative reverie. The Myriad being embraces the physical universe, in all its endless diversity, and is at home in it.

MYRIAD GEMS is the reincarnation of the original brand. MYRIAD GEMS carries in its genes the essence of the mama brand, whilst also delivering modernity and nouveauté.

Myriam’s dedication for her work and her love for product design were channeled to her daughter Camille. Today, they join forces to create a brand that speaks to all.


The founder and creative force behind the design house, Myriam found her calling early. She recalls fashioning jewelry out of twine and dried flowers as a child. Coming from a family of creative spirits, she was always interested in creating. While studying interior design, she realized the joy of executing the abstract ideas in her mind. She spent a few years in LA, where she found fulfilment of her love for nature, enjoying the California lifestyle of hiking and the great outdoors. She also read about holistic and metaphysical philosophies— and thus developed an appreciation for stones and the energies they carry. This mystical fascination with stones persuaded her to become certified in diamond grading, and to study gemology. To learn the technical aspects of working with noble metals, Myriam studied intensively with a master jeweler in Italy. She credits him for teaching her to always strive to use innovation in techniques of metal-working. Armed with both the wisdom and the principles of her craft, and with her creativity bubbling inside her, she launches MYRIAD in 2006, and only years later, in 2021, MYRIAD GEMS with her daughter Camille. She also cites her husband as a huge influence; together they travel to places which inspire her designs. For their honeymoon, they “threw on a backpack and trekked in Nepal”. Each of MYRIAD GEMS’ collections are inspired by travel, whether to a far-flung destination or to a journey of the heart

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Camille is the co-founder of MYRIAD GEMS. Being brought up by a creative and hardworking woman greatly influenced Camille’s character. Growing up, she was always encouraged to explore her vast and inherent artistic side; from painting, to acting and dancing, Camille has always communicated her thoughts and feelings through art.

Camille grew up in a home where any form of self-expression was greatly appreciated and encouraged. A perfect illustration of that is the wall in her family home that she covered in pencil marks as a child, which was never painted over.

Camille credits art for being a central pillar of her and her mother’s bond. Her favorite childhood memory is of her and Myriam, painting a giant golden tree on the entrance wall of their first home. Today, they embark on a new creative journey together.

To her parents’ surprise, Camille chose to study Law and Politics at university. She is currently completing her final year in London and is excited to start a career in law, whilst also creating jewelry, stories and magic alongside her mother.

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