We absolutely love it when people come up to us to let us know they still rock their MYRIAD pieces more than a decade later! Although little knocks and scratches are just part of wearing and loving your MYRIAD pieces, here are some tips on how to care for your jewellery to ensure its longevity. 


Caring for Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Jewellery: 


It is completely normal and natural for Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Jewellery to tarnish over time, as these metals react to chemicals in the air and moisture. However, if you wish to prolong the original sparkle and luster of your jewellery, we suggest you follow these tips: 


  • Regular use of a soft cloth to clean your jewellery will ensure its polish and sparkle. If you do not own a very soft cloth, you can use a cotton ball to remove any dust and dirt. 
  •  Avoid wearing while swimming or showering as chemicals such as chlorine and salt are damaging to silver and gold.
  • Sweat may react with metal or plated jewellery so remember to remove your jewellery when you exercise. 
  • Avoid storing in humid environments such as the bathroom. 
  • Do not spray on perfume while wearing your jewellery and wait until your lotion/cream has been absorbed by your skin before wearing your pieces. 
  • Silver and Gold Plated Jewellery remains at its best shine when worn daily or kept in an air-tight, dry box.